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On Yoga Nidra

"Yoga, often inadequately translated as "union," represents both the action of awakening to, as well as the description of, our underlying True Nature or pure Being that is the birthing ground of authentic spontaneity.  Nidra or "sleep," on the other hand, is the state in which we are unconscious to True Nature, when we are identified with, and swayed by, thoughts and actions that are based on misperception and reactive patterns.  Yoga Nidra represents the paradox and is the play on the words "sleep" and "awake" as it means "The Sleep of the Yogi," and implies that the normal person is asleep to their True Nature through all states of consciousness--waking, dreaming, and deep sleep--while the yogi is one who is awake to and knows his of her True Nature across all states, even sleep."


-Richard Miller, PhD

Yawning Yoga Audiobook

A beautiful bedtime routine for yogis of any age. Starting with a gentle 'Om,' Yawning Yoga's simple instructions and soothing poetry guides listeners through a relaxing routine to end the day.

You can download the free app, Insight Timer, for a listen by clicking here

Written by Laurie Jordan

Illustrated by Diana Mayo

Narrated by Leslie Santiana

Yoga Nidra 

33 minutes

32 minutos

25 minutes

Neck & Shoulder Warm-Up

 23 minutes

Core Flow

5 minutes

Kripalu Level 2 Vinyasa

72 minutes

Kripalu Level 2 Vinyasa - Leslie Santiana
00:00 / 00:00

A class based on a sequence created by Coby Kozlowski and the Kripalu School of Yoga's 300-Hour Teacher Training: Leading Vinyasa: Breathe, Feel, Flow


Some yoga experience recommended. This is a Kripalu Level 2 vinyasa incorporating standing postures, breathing practices and holding, with an emphasis on alignment.


Suggested Props:


2 Blocks

A Strap


Emphasis on quadriceps, abdominals, hip flexors and psoas Please feel free to apply any modifications or variations that feel right for your body. I would love to hear any feedback that you may offer.


Music from

Yoga Nidra 

33 minutes

Yoga Nidra en Español

32 minutos

Yoga Nidra es una práctica de meditación inspirada que sólo requiere que te acuestes (o sientes) y escuches.

Yoga Nidra induce una respuesta de relajación, el estado de sanación de nuestro propio cuerpo, donde la revitalización y la regeneración ocurren.

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