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 For questions or to schedule customized sessions please connect directly with me here.  




   - Concentration and Mindfulness Meditation 

   - Sense Based Meditation 

   - Body Scan Awareness Meditation

   - Loving-Kindness Meditation

   - Mantra Meditation



   - Restorative Yoga

   - Chair Yoga

   - Yin Yoga

   - Slow Flow Vinyasa

   - Yoga for Restful Sleep

   - Mindfulness in Motion   

   - Thai Yoga Massage



   - Self-inquiry Journaling Exercises

   - Conscious Communication

   - Mindful Eating

Personal Training

Fitness Nutrition Coaching

Behavior Change Coaching

YOGA FOR EVERYONE: I teach from a place of service and am committed to supporting all populations (including social, racial, ethnic, national, economic, gender, ability and other groupings). 


Serving the Tri-State Area

Packages Available

Spanish Language Instruction

Sliding-Scale Rates



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