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The Atmananda Yoga Mat

Yoga has the power to transform your life, strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. And like any physically demanding exercise, proper form is key part of keeping you safe and avoiding injury.  


Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practioner, the atmananda yoga mat has alignment lines to guide your hands and feet as you flow from pose to pose.







The mat comes in 3 different sizes according to height. It is made of all natural rubber and guaranteed to be safe and comfortable on your skin.




In downward facing dog, practitioners often do not have enough distance between their hands and feet to avoid overstraining their lower back, the neck, the wrists and the ankles. The Atmananda yoga guides both hands and feet to the proper spots to prevent overstrain in the joints and spine.

When moving into warrior two, the back foot should be extended far enough from the front hip so that one is able to stretch the hip area and front leg without collapsing on the ankle or the knee.


The Atmananda yoga mat removes the guesswork. By placing the back foot foot on a ninety degree angle behind the fourth line, practitioners create the proper distance to safely open the hips while protecting both the knee ligaments and the ankle.




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